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UK visa, or spouse visa, enables your husband, wife or civil partner to apply for leave to enter, or leave to remain in the UK on the basis that they are married to a person who is present and settled in Britain. People who viewed this page also found our advice on fiance visas helpful.

The new specified evidences under Appendix FM are required to be supplied or the visa application is refused. To get expert legal advice, contact our team on 0207 237 3388 or e-mail us your query on To get a free case assessment and whether you meet the published requirements, complete our contact form by clicking here.

Both parties in the marriage have to be 18 before a marriage visa can be issued. Your spouse must apply for entry clearance for the UK marriage visa before travelling to complete their immigration to UK. If you intend to bring your unmarried partner to join you, please refer to our section detailing the requirements for making a UK Fiancé visa application. Spouse visa holders are eligible to work or study in the UK as soon as their visa has been granted.

A UK spouse visa allows a person with settled status in Great Britain to bring their spouse to join them in the Country. The applicant will be able to seek and take up employment in the United Kingdom as soon as the document is granted without the need to arrange a UK work permit. British spouse visa do not place any restrictions upon the type of work that can be undertaken.

Initially UK marriage visa for spouse immigration are issued for a 30 months. After this time, new changes means the spouse visa has to be extended and then after completing 5 years on a UK spouse visa, then a person can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) commonly known as permanent residency in the UK. 

This section also explains how people from overseas can come to or remain in the United Kingdom as the partners (spouse visa), fiance visa, children and/or elderly dependent relatives of people who are already in the United Kingdom or are coming here in a different category. 





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