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ICS Legal is a OISC Regulated organisation F201300789, we are not affiliated with any government organisation, including the UKBA.Use our Contact Form for a free assessment.Please speak to us for more information on 0207 237 3388.
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ICS Legal is an OISC Regulated organisation F201300789, we are not affiliated with any government organisation, services/forms can be available directly from the government site without incuring any costs. We provide managed services for Private and Corporate Clients for all Immigration, European, and British Nationality Law and provide advocacy to the First Tier & Upper Tribunal. Use our Contact Form for a free visa assessment.


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extended validation certificate

Paragraph 276B(i)(b) allows settlement to be granted where the applicant has had 14 years continuous residence here (whether or not the residence was lawful), excluding any period following the service of:


  • a notice of liability to removal; or
  • a decision to remove by way of Directions under paragraphs 8 to 10A, or 12 to 14, of Schedule 2 to the Immigration Act 1971, or section 10 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; or a notice of intention to deport (also known as a Notice of a decision to make a deportation order).


Service of any of the above notices "stops the clock" for the purposes of paragraph 276B(i)(b). This means that, if the applicant had not accumulated 14 years continuous residence on the date the "clock stopping" notice was served, they will never be able to qualify under paragraph 276B(i)(b).


Notices which stop the clock include:


  • IS151A
  • IS151A Part 2
  • IS151B
  • IS151B (NSA) (used in NSA cases)
  • IS151B (CERT) (used where an asylum or Human Rights claim has been refused and certified under section 96 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002).
  • Notice of intention to deport ICD.1070
  • Prior to the introduction of the ICD.1070 (on 2 October 2000), the notice of intention to deport was the APP 104.
  • ICD.1071
  • ICD.1072
  • ICD.1075
  • ICD.1076



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